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Cut Files in this section are filled with snarky, sassy, and sarcastic quotes. These are the files that will make you smile. They work great for Silhouette or Cricut cutting machines and can be size adjusted to fit any project. These high quality cut files are perfect for all your cutting needs.

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View all 1 star review a_sarcastic_answer adult ish adulting aggressively_helpful all good ambitious and pants and_walk_away anger annoyed another fine day apparently we're trouble aunt bad habit bad idea bad mom bad_decisions_make bad_decisions_svg be me because_i_care_svg beer behave_svg behavior_svg being_tired_svg big mouth binge watching bossy break out in sarcasm bs bundle but did you die but this mouth cactus cactus_expert_svg cactus_svg can_you_kindly cancel my subscription captain_of_the cardio caution_i_have classy classy but I cuss a lot classy svg classy with a savage side common sense control_freak_svg couch potato crazy crazy_to_work_here currently to legit cuss cussing cussing mom cussing_mom_quote dad dad svg difficult af diva divorce svg do_it_yourself does_when_you_talk dogs_make_me_happy don't be a karen don't know if don't rush me don't_ask_me don't_feel_very done with your issues everyone was thinking it exercise faked_a_sarcasm_svg father's day fathers_day_svg feeling_kinda first_of_all_no fish fisherman_svg fishing fishing_cut_file fishing_dad_svg for_what_my_face free_hugs_svg fresh_sarcasm friends fries before guys fun fact funny funny dad quote funny svg funny_cussing_quote funny_dog_svg funny_quotes_svg funny_saying funny_svg funny_svg_bundle funny_workplace_svg go away go for it gone_fishing_svg good aunts good dads say bad words good mom good moms say bad words good_stories_svg got so much done grandma grandpa hey_there_train hold on let me overthink hold_on_let_me hurts_to_bite husband I already want to take a nap tomorrow I am that mom I coud give up shopping I do what I want I don't care I doubt it I just said it i meant to behave I put the pro I'll clap when I'm impressed i'm a whole lot i'm allergic to stupidity I'm always right I'm diagnosing you I'm explaining i'm joking i'm just wtf-ing my way through life I'm no quitter I'm not arguing i'm not crazy i'm not with I'm sorry did I roll my eyes i'm_awesome_svg i'm_ignoring_you i'm_not_bossy_svg i'm_not_responsible i'm_retired I've got a good heart i_don't_have i_dont_do_mornings i_had_my_patience i_hate_everyone i_have_never i_know_a_prick i_speak_my_mind_svg i_swear idgaf_ish_today_svg if_you_don't_want introvert inward rage screams it's a beautiful day it's_a_beautiful_day it_wrong karen keep talking kiss my bass kiss_my_bass lazy_svg leave me alone marriage may be present may be wrong might be wrong mom mom life mom quote mood_24_7 mood_svg mother's day multitasking my reality is different my sarcasm my_personality_svg my_tongue nice_ish_svg no_filter_svg not with stupid of sarcasm of sass oh honey one of us is right other options out of sense outward smiles overthink this overthink_this_svg parenthood partner in crime patience pretty_good_at pro in procrastinate procrastinating procrastination quit quit being ugly retired_shirt_svg retired_svg retirement_shirt_svg roll my eyes out loud ruined by responsibility run salty sarcasm sarcastic sarcastic svg sarcastic_dog_svg sarcastic_quote sarcastic_quotes_svg sarcastic_svg sarcastic_svg_bundle sasshole sassy sassy_sayings_svg sassy_svg savage say bad words say_it_more second_of_all_no served_daily sex shipwreck shop shopping shopping is my cardio short slacking snack snack offering snarky snarky svg so_turn_around some people are like clouds sorry_i St. Patrick's day stfu_svg strong woman struggle_bus_captain stupid_anymore_svg stupid_svg swear take a nap television tested_i'm_negative that'll_be_fun the other one is you the scariest hood you'll ever go through the_energy_svg thou_shall_not tired to_leave_me_alone to_like_you to_pretend too many train wreck train_wreck_svg trouble trouble maker trouble svg try_me tv unable to quit underestimate_me want to take a nap warning heavy sarcasm wasn't_listening we'll_train_you_svg when they go away when_i_see_one who knew wife with a pinch without_sarcasm worky_today_svg worry would not recommend wreck_this_ain't wtf ing my way through life wtf-ing svg you're_doing you_could you_don't_have_to_be young at heart your_station_svg zero_days