Newsletter Freebie!

Newsletter Freebie!

We're changing things up a bit here at Crafty Mama Studios and have started creating 3D files including candy domes, cards, and shadow boxes. We're so excited about this that we've decided to offer one of our shadow box files for free when you sign up for the newsletter. From now on, when you sign up, you'll receive an email with a link to our free file, our Home Sweet Home shadow box, only available with the newsletter. 

Sign up at the link on the home page!

You'll want to stay signed up for the newsletter too because we're going to be offering up a free file once or twice a month! We've also just opened a new Facebook Group to share Crafty Mama Studios projects and to get tips, tricks and coupons! Check us out at

We also do a tutorial video for all our 3D designs on our YouTube channel here:

Happy Crafting!


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